Law No. 35-05/155-23 on Obligatory Relations of the Republic of Croatia

The Contract for Perpetual Maintenance Reviewed in Comparative Law

The contract is legally known to be the most common, and yet complicated legal work. In short terms, when it comes to the acquirement of property, this framework is usually defined by The Law on Property and Other Real Rights, differentiating from other contracts that are defined exclusively from The Law of Liabilities or Obligations. But with this topic, specifically the contract of perpetual maintenance its defined by The Law of Obligations, even though in most cases, this contract is used for immovable property alienation. This raises an internal complication of the matter, predominantly because it also incorporates the hereditary measure, in doing so, civil disputes are most likely to arise when there are individuals who are necessary heirs, or so the Hereditary Law classifies them, and if the claim exists so that they are deprived from receiving the goods inherited from the heiress bounded by law. The contract for eternal maintenance is a contract which is concluded through the maintenance provider and the maintenance recipient, with which the maintenance provider assumes the obligation to keep the other party or third person in eternal care, while the maintenance recipient is obliged to keep anything or any property right of the other party.