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Get your inbox under control before it leads to a malpractice claim

Dentons Insights - Di, 19.01.2038 - 05:14

The practice of law has gone digital. It is difficult to even compare today's law practice with that of just a few years ago when written communications could take days to reach the intended recipient. Correspondingly, the risks associated with the practice of law have changed too. The new risks in the modern day-to-day practice of law are many, but effective use of these tools can decrease the risks.

Session 4: Everything’s coming together: What a converged tech future means for the tech sector

Norton Rose Fulbright - Do, 23.06.2022 - 10:31
What should we expect as the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, the Internet of Things and AI converge in new and innovative digital solutions? What computer science and data challenges are there going to be?

Session 3: Successfully navigating the regulation of tech M&A and investment

Norton Rose Fulbright - Mi, 22.06.2022 - 10:31
We are witnessing a significant impact of regulation on technology M&A and investment decisions in the sector. How should technology businesses (and those who wish to invest in them) navigate the increasing regulatory requirements, such as national security regimes and the new EU anti-subsidy regulation, in a way that maximises acquisition/investment outcomes and minimises the risk of regulatory intervention?

Session 2: Using smart contracts, computable contracting and AI to innovate: Law and disruptive tech

Norton Rose Fulbright - Di, 21.06.2022 - 10:31
Some time back Norton Rose Fulbright took a decision to bring on board computer science expertise and a technology consulting function to help our clients maximise the opportunities where law and disruptive technologies intersect.

Session 1: EU’s digital strategy – new legislation on the way: What tech businesses need to do

Norton Rose Fulbright - Mo, 20.06.2022 - 10:31
With a remarkable amount of new legislation on the way, the EU has made clear its intention to lead the way on regulating key aspects of the technology sector – both in terms of market structure and in what technology businesses can and cannot do.

Data issues in an investigation: Navigating a minefield

Norton Rose Fulbright - Mi, 08.06.2022 - 12:45
Any investigation – and particularly a cross-border investigation – throws up a huge number of data issues. Authorities are increasingly seeking data held overseas or on personal devices, and individuals are increasingly aware of – and enforcing – their data privacy rights. It is crucial to understand how to best manage the risks involved whilst moving an investigation forward.

The Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency turns 25

Norton Rose Fulbright - letztes Update vor 2 Stunden 48 Minuten
30 May 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) of the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency (MLCBI).

Wrecking ball Alberta Court of Appeal declares federal <i>Impact Assessment Act</i> unconstitutional

Norton Rose Fulbright - letztes Update vor 4 Stunden 47 Minuten
The Alberta Court of Appeal released its strongly worded opinion declaring the federal Impact Assessment Act (the IAA) unconstitutional, an existential threat to Canada and a wrecking ball to constitutional rights and the economy.

ARRC endorses CME 12-month Term SOFR

Norton Rose Fulbright - Do, 26.05.2022 - 21:08
On May 19, 2022, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee unanimously endorsed using the CME 12-month Term SOFR.

Historic Ethiopia Telecoms deal wins Best Utilities Project at the World Bank Partnerships Awards

Norton Rose Fulbright - Do, 26.05.2022 - 17:59
Global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright has advised on the historic Ethiopia Telecoms deal which has been awarded Best Utilities Project at the World Bank Partnerships Awards.

Global Ship Finance Training Programme 2022

Norton Rose Fulbright - Do, 26.05.2022 - 17:25
We invite you to register for any, or all, of the training sessions of interest.

Reminder that all Ontario businesses must now file annual returns through Ontario Business Registry

Norton Rose Fulbright - Do, 26.05.2022 - 17:12
Prior to May 15, 2021, Ontario corporate annual returns, required under the Ontario Corporations Information Act, were filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as part of the annual T2 Corporation Income Tax Return.